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Snoop's first Halloween Mon Nov 1 15:11:49 EST 2004 by Mike
Picture's from Snoop's first Halloween and all others in 2004 can be found at http://galery.hanulec.com/snoop/2004.
The Running Man Mon Nov 3 09:46:37 EST 2003 by Mike
Yesterday, my friend Peter Greco completed the 2003 New York City Marathon in about 4 hours on his first attempt. Congrats Petro!
How time flys.. Sun Mar 30 00:23:22 EST 2003 by Mike
Over a year and not one update to my home page, wow! The past year has sure been a unique and exciting one. I have some pictures online (2002) (2003) from the past year in a great mod_perl image library called Apache::Gallery.

Check back for more soon...

NEVER buy a Volkswagen Sat Feb 23 07:02:52 EST 2002 by Mike
My 1999 VW Bug has struck again. Nicole and I were just getting ready to leave for a road trip up to Buffalo when the 'check engine' light came on. I hate that light. I don't know what it means. All I know is that I'm going to have to take the car to a dealer so I can get ripped off once again. Thank you Volkswagen!! Now, instead of driving, we will be taking a combination of Amtrak and JetBlue
I got a new job! Fri Feb 15 16:32:48 EST 2002 by Mike
Today I accepted a System Administrator position at Schrodinger, Inc.. I will be in charge of the Unix servers which make up Schrodinger's R&D environment in NYC. Soon I'll be able to get my hands on some new, and interesting toys such as linux beowulf clusters. I will certainly miss working at Sesame Street but I will always have fond memories of that experience and the people I worked with.
Martin Luther King Day pictures finally online Mon Feb 11 13:53:18 EST 2002 by Mike
I finally got the pictures taken over MLK 2002 weekend online. My friends Pete and Brad came to NYC and meet up with Steve, Ed, Nicole and myself for the weekend. Most of the pictures are from our Saturday in Little Italy. I'm slowly optimizing these pictures for the web with Gimp. I will hopefully have them all done today. You can find them at http://www.hanulec.com/michael/photos/mlk2002/web/. The originals are found in the parent directory.

btw.. where you able to find the Sopranos star that we ran into? Another note, what's with HBO's Sopranos web site only working under Windows/Internet Explorer?

hanulec.com re-launch! Thu Feb 7 22:08:40 EST 2002 by Mike
Today, after over a month of working here and there I'm finally able to re-launch hanulec.com. This redesigned site will soon be offering a variety of new content, most of which created by myself. I have various up and coming projects on the drawing boards now, such as a web based image gallery for my friends and family to share pictures w/ one another and a online cooking recipe database. I hope to be able to roll out these new sections soon using various technologies I have been working on lately, such as mod_perl, Jakarta Struts, and xml & xsl. Along with these projects I want to open up some of my personal code and scripting repositories online. All of this data will eventually find its way to my projects page.

Additionally, I would really like to hear users feedback about the redesign of hanulec.com, especially my new top navigation components.

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